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 Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

Fireplace Before

Fireplace After 

Seat Cushion Before

Seat Cushion After

Bench Before

Bench After

Wall Before (after cork removed)

Wall After

Cut Pieces Dry Fit then Stained

Midway through Installation then Complete

Close Ups of Copper-Clad Ends and Hand-Cut Walnut Pegs Securing Braces

Cabinet Before

Cabinet After

Kitchen Before Remodel 

Kitchen After Remodel

Porch Screened in

Completed Room

Roll-up Door Installed

Interior Almost Finished--AC Being Installed

Decking on Roof, Rails and Stairs Installed

Room Being Built Inside Warehouse

Bathroom Before Remodel

Bathroom After Remodel

Bathroom Before Remodel

Bathroom After Remodel

Catio (cat patio) Partitions Designed 
and Installed at Operation Kindness

Kitchen Cabinets and Crown Molding Before Sanding and Painting, and with Old Hardware

Kitchen After 
(Back splash and counter installed by others)

Shutters Before Staining

Shutters After Staining

Before Arbor

After Arbor

Parquet Flooring Before

Parquet Flooring After

Shower Area Before

Shower area after replacing floor and 
shower tile, installing tile base and painting

Bathroom Before

Bathroom after replacing floor tile, vanity,
light and mirror; installing tile base; and painting

Deck Before

Deck mid-completion

Deck after rebuilding and staining

Garage Before

Garage after epoxy coating

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After Remodel

Window Before 

Window After--replaced rotted wood with 
plastic lumber, insulated, caulked and painted to match existing exterior color.

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